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An Introduction to Vulnerability Management

An Introduction to Vulnerability Management

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Welcome to our entry-level course for Vulnerability Management! Using written material, knowledge tests, and practical challenges, this entry-level introduction course will give you a great insight into this area of defensive security. We hope you enjoy this course!

Practical Challenges

Below are the practical aspects that are included in this course, giving you a chance to put the knowledge you’ve learned into practice, and gain some hands-on experience.


You’ll be setting up the intentionally vulnerable virtual machine Metasploitable 2, created by security firm Rapid7. This will be your test environment where you can practice vulnerability scanning, collecting results, and analysing them to produce vulnerability reports.


You’ll install and explore the Nessus Essentials vulnerability scanner created by Tenable, in preparation for the final course challenge.​ You’ll be walked through the GUI and conduct a scan against your own system, so that you’re familiar with how to use this powerful tool, and understandscan results.​


You’ll be analysing real-world WPScan results to make sure you’re familiar with the tool’s output. and the security flaws that it can detect. In the future we will release a public lab where you can conduct your own scans.​


For the final challenge you’ll be conducting a short and simple vulnerability assessment of the Metasploitable 2 system, by launching your own vulnerability scans using Nessus, and reporting on the vulnerabilities and flaws that are discovered.​

What tools does the course cover?

Below is a list of the tools and services that this course will teach you how to use. Some tools or services may be missing from this list, so it should not be treated as a complete index for everything within the course.

  • Nmap
  • Nessus
  • WPScan
  • Metasploitable 2
  • OpenVAS
Completion Certificate

If you complete the final exam, you will be eligible to receive an e-certificate showing that you have completed this course and developed your network analysis fundamental skills! Great for sharing on LinkedIn to showcase your motivation and drive to develop your skills (plus we love hearing from our students!)

Certificate of Completion sample

All content in this course is Copyrighted by Security Blue Team 2020. Any copying, redistributing, or sharing in any way to non-students is an unlawful breach of this copyright, and will result in legal action to claim for damages.



Testing Environment

Vulnerability Scanning

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