An Introduction to Open-Source Intelligence

An Introduction to Open-Source Intelligence

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Welcome to our course for Open-Source Intelligence! We will cover what OSINT is, and why it’s used by law enforcement, cyber defenders, malicious actors, and even businesses. We will also cover a wide range of tools, to help you understand OSINT better, and provide hands-on skills and knowledge.

Practical Challenges

Below is a list of the tools and services that this course will teach you how to use. Some tools or services may be missing from this list, so it should not be treated as a complete index for everything within the course.

  • The Harvester
  • TweetDeck
  • Google Dorks
  • OSINT Framework
  • Reverse Image Searching (TinEye, Google)
Completion Certificate

If you complete the final exam, you will be eligible to receive an e-certificate showing that you have completed this course and developed your fundamental OSINT skills! Great for sharing on LinkedIn to showcase your motivation and drive to develop your skills (plus we love hearing from our students!)

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